I have created the soundtrack for three audiobooks, each with their own styles and needs. These are BeowulfCarrot Field, and Japan.

As with any project, understanding the world that is created, and providing music that brings immersion to that world, takes priority. The biggest difference I found between authors who are wanting audiobooks made, is how they prefer the music to be placed. For more modern books, where the language is what we use today, authors tend to go for segue music to be played at the end of chapters, so as to not distract from the narration.

For older stories, background ambience becomes more favourable, as the language used isn’t commonly easy to follow at first listen, so the music acts as a guide for listener to follow the story through. For historical stories, this is also the preferred method, as you want the literature to be as culturally relevant as possible to the country and era it is set in.

  • Background ambience:

    More can be found in Beowulf.

  • Culturally relevant ambience:

    More can be found in Japan.