Hello, my name is Nico Vettese and welcome to my portfolio. Everything that you see here is a product of what I have been able to achieve in a year and a half of pursuing music composition as a career. Before this, I gave up what would have been a very stable career as a highly successful mathematician to pursue my passion. Why is this important? Because it demonstrates how dedicated I have been to this craft. To learn everything from the ground up, without a formal education, or any guarantee that it would work out. I firmly stand that changing careers and learning by myself has given me more determination than learning it through the academic route.

My love in the arts is the worlds that are produced from them. Whether that is the world created from watching Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, or playing Bioshock Infinite, or reading The Great Gatsby. It’s the intricate world that I am drawn to, and it is the immersion in that escapism that I aim to achieve through my own work.

So why specifically did I choose to do music rather than any of the other forms of art? Put simply, I believe that music is the most personal form of art to the perceiver, and holds the most power in translation. When you hear a happy song (instrumental pieces), you get that emotion, without the music being specific to anything. You as the listener decide what the memory should be when you are feeling that emotion.

My greatest strength as a musician is knowing that I am not talented. Nothing I have created has came from thinking I have a gift, or something magical. Rather, I pride myself in knowing everything I create is from being a dedicated hard worker. My work ethic allows me to obsess over a project until it is completed. It is being a hard worker that allows to me to create an endless amount of different styles, and learn to adapt what the project requires.

If you’re looking for a person who will enhance the world you create, rather than use your world as a vessel to promote their own music, then you have found the right person.

Thank you very much for taking the time to explore my work. I very much appreciate it.