Creating music for narration-heavy formats is my speciality. Particularly when it comes to podcasts, finding the right balance between setting the scene and avoiding unnecessary noise is key to achieving high production quality.

Further to this though, my love for working with podcasts stems from personal touch that is not often found in other formats, and as such it allows me to really dive into what the creator is needing music-wise, creating sounds deserving of their world.

I have worked with a high number of podcasts, spanning many different genres and formats. All of which can be found here.

Below are my rates for podcasts which cover most necessities. Full-scoring for audio-dramas and story-driven shows are the exceptions (as such, please get in touch for a quote).


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*Cost in USD

All pricings include exclusivity to the music, and for you to use the music as many times as you wish, however you wish. The only things not included is that you may not sell the music onwards, nor can you claim you wrote the music yourself.