Music Reel

The music I make for podcasts generally falls into the categories below. The music and genres I cover range from true crime to folklore, from travel to gardening. So if the music below doesn’t cover your style, don’t be alarmed! There’s a good chance I have written in the style.

Intro Music

Played at the start of your show. The music can be designed to be played on its own, or tailored to play underneath your introductory narration to the show.

Stinger Track

A short ‘jingle’ or variation of your intro music. Designed to be played inbetween segments or at ad breaks to inject natural pauses into your show.

Background Ambience

Long, minimal music that can be looped. Played underneath narration to set the mood and tone of the scene, without being distracting.

Promo Music

Music tailored around your promo spot (promos are brief introductions to a podcast, that are played on other podcasts or social media to advertise your show).

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