Music for audiobooks is very often overlooked in the industry and those that do use it very often use stock music that was never intended for the format (narration-heavy). Music for this format, when done properly, is a very powerful tool. Just as narration enhances the world you’ve created, the music builds upon it and drives home the emotions and feelings that can’t be said through words alone.

I have worked on 3 audiobooks, as well as 3 story-driven podcasts. This has allowed me to develop my skills to a high standard, crossing through multiple genres.

Below are my pricings for audiobooks, for those necessities that are not covered I ask you to get in touch with more information so I can give you a quote.

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*Cost in USD

Prices include exclusivity for the music, for you to use as many times as you wish, however you wish. The only things it does not include is that you can not sell the music onwards, nor can you claim you wrote the music yourself.