The story of the Hero Theseus as written in Charles Kingsley’s classic work, “The Heroes or, Greek Fairy Tales for my Children” (1889). Artwork credit: George Frederic Watts, “The Minotaur”, (1850)

The Adventures of the Argonauts

Our reading of Charles Kingsley’s 1889 telling of the Adventures of the Argonauts as printed in his book “The Heroes or, Greek Fairy Tales For My Children.” Narration by Tanner Campbell music by Nico Vettese.


Perseus: A Mythosymphony is a traditional reading of the story of Perseus from Charles Kingsley’s 1889 literary classic “The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children”, which features the stories of Perseus, the Argonauts, and Theseus, the mythical King of Athens. The story of Perseus is told in five chapters and no part of […]


Come! Listen to the tale of the mighty Beowulf! Learn of his lineage, his quests, his bravery, and his kingship. The debut album of Satyr Productions, “Beowulf: Story and Discussion”, features a reading of Ernest J.B. Kirtlan’s 1913 translation of “The Story of Beowulf” alongside a beautiful musical score and paired with an educational discussion […]


A Mythosymphony of Japan showcasing the history of the myths and legends of the country. Including legends of cosmology, war heroes, maidens, tea, art, and insects. This is a comprehensive guide to everything mythology related in Japan. Given the role of music director, I set out to create ambient music for the 10-hour mythosymphony of […]

The Old Journey: One Last Time

I handled the soundtrack for the audiobook adaption of the fantasy novel, ‘Old Journey’. With this being quite a lengthy story, we opted to do Segue music, as opposed to writing music as background ambience. The end result is producing a rich, orchestral score that plays at the end of every chapter and at important […]