A score. A soundtrack. Unlimited use. One time fee.

A Soundtrack & Score bundled together, these albums target the formats of Podcasts and Youtube Channels. All bundles currently available are below.

When it comes to finding music for your show, you have two options: either find stock music that’s stored within a vast amount of music libraries, the majority of which was never intended for your format or genre, has no continuity with each other, and in general lacks depth. Or you can hire a composer. With these albums I give you a third option:

I present to you my Score & Soundtrack albums. Each album contains:

  • 1 intro/outro designed to give your show a main theme.
  • 3 cues for transitions or moments of importance.
  • 2 background ambiences for setting the scene without detracting from the narration.
  • 1 stinger for a snapshot of music.

Designed to fit the mood of your show’s genre and format, without excessively loading you with music you do not need. Packaged together and licensed for a one-time fee for you to use forever.

Available albums are below: