One time fee. Unlimited use.

I don’t believe in hidden fees or charging extra to those who have found success. I keep it simple. One time fee, with the music being exclusive to you – regardless of format, name changes, or audience.

My soundtracks come in bundles, covering everything from the start-ups to the fully-fledged. Each track is bespoke designed not only in sound, but in length and format too to match the flow and style of your show. This is a custom and unique product created from start to finish, tailor-made to you.

The Core Bundle

Designed for start-ups and podcasts that are more free-flowing and interview-based in nature.

Your tracks explained:

– Intro Music: Played at the start of your show. The music can be designed to be played on its own, or tailored to play underneath your introductory narration to the show.

– Outro Music: Played at the end of your show. The music plays in as you are concluding the episode and sees the show out.

– Stinger Track: A short ‘jingle’ or variation of your intro music. Designed to be played inbetween segments or at ad breaks to inject natural pauses into your show.

The Complete Bundle

Designed for podcasts who have adverts or have multiple segments, and cross-promote with other shows.

Your tracks explained:

– Promo Music: Music tailored around your promo spot (promos are brief introductions to a podcast, that are played on other podcasts or social media to advertise your show).

The Documentary Bundle

Designed for documentary-style or journalistic podcasts. Perfect for the True Crime genre.

Your tracks explained:

– Background Ambience: Long, minimal music that can be looped. Played underneath narration to set the mood and tone of the scene, without being distracting.

*All pricings are in USD. However, I am happy to convert to any currency so long as PayPal accepts it.

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