I Create Soundtracks.

I established We Talk of Dreams in 2015 after dedicating my life to music. I wanted to make music that feels like a memory. Music that feels like finding your home.

A soundtrack is an extension to a world that is already created. It takes the building blocks given, and offers new dimensions and life that couldn’t be said from words and visuals alone.

But more than this – I use my music to connect and bring people together.

Growing Up….

We Talk of Dreams was founded to bring people together.

I Focus On The Feeling

Music should do more than set the scene, it should transport you – take you to other worlds, other memories, other emotions.

I pay attention to the colours and tones of the melodies, rhythms, and instruments I use. I make it overfill with nostalgic memories – to make you feel you’re in a movie. From euphoric highs, to delicate moments.

I create the sounds of dreams.

Memories of Us….

The melody to your world.

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