P.O. Box

Feeling generous and want to send me letters or packages? We Talk of Dreams now has a P.O. box!

I will be happy to receive most things, but here are a few rules when it comes to what you can send (either due to laws, the passage of time, or logistics):

– No fresh food/drink that spoils easily (snacks are absolutely allowed, I love them)
– Nothing that contains coconut (I’m allergic)
– Nothing pungent (postal services won’t like us)
– Nothing nsfw
– Nothing that’s alive (including plants)
– No mail intended for anyone other than myself

I pay per item so if you know you’re going to be sending something else shortly, it’ll be cheaper on you and me to send it all at once <3

I will always do my best to remember to tell you when the mail has arrived, and properly thank you for your time and effort. However, both because of logistics and because I don’t want to play favourites, I won’t open anything live on stream.

P.O. Box address:

The P.O. Box is currently closed. Check back for updates <3

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