Connections: The Album

Released on February 21, 2022, “Connections: The Album” is my first full album. After working at this project for many months, it’s finally out in the world. 

It means more than I can say to finally share it.

With seven full length tracks, including two previously released singles, “Connections: The Album” is a professionally mastered labour of love. I created music that felt like looking at a photo album, dreaming of memories I’d like to create, and sketching blueprints for a future that I’d like to see.

Connections: The Podcast

After creating “Connections: The Album”, I knew there was more to the project that I wanted to bring into the world. 

I reached out to five talented writers, and paired each of them with a track. They wrote down the stories that they heard hidden in the music, and we’re now bringing those stories to you in a limited-series audiodrama podcast. 

Whether braced on a blustery seaside cliff, taking a new step forward into the unknown, or channel surfing alone through radio static, each story contains a unique insight into the world, its challenges, and the music that connects us all. 

“Connections: The Podcast” is available wherever you get your podcasts.

5 Constellations Connections: The Podcast

As long as we have lived, we have shared our stories with the stars. Transcript: Content Warnings: – Character introspection on their personal experience with nonbinary, including anxieties about conformity, being outed, past mentions of birth name pre-name change – Family death – Sfx of water, diving, high pitched tone Written by jesse hawke Directed, scored, and edited by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams Sound design by Melissa Pons of Hemlock Creek Productions ( Produced by Meg Williams Performances: Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall as “Ley” Angela Ness as “Grandmother” Helen Gould as “Stella” To join our community, buy merch, or subscribe to our Patreon, visit us at or visit us on Twitter @WeTalkofDreams We Talk of Dreams projects are completely community funded. Support us responsibly at Connections: The Podcast is a podcast distributed by We Talk of Dreams and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International License. Dedicated to and made possible by the We Talk of Dreams community of creatives.
  1. 5 Constellations
  2. 4 Finding Hope
  3. 3 Headlights
  4. 2 Reaching Out
  5. 1 Prescience

Art and Creations from Connections

In the spirit of creatives helping creatives, “Connections” will be a part of all of us, not just those involved in its initial creation. “Connections” is about connecting to everyone, no matter where they are, or where they’re starting.

As such, “Connections” has been released under a creative commons 4.0 international license. This allows anyone, anywhere, to develop creative projects inspired by the album, the podcast, or both — so long as those creations are non-commercial, and any of the music/podcast episodes (or any assets) are not claimed as your own creation.

We Talk of Dreams is founded on dreaming up creative projects, and I’d like “Connections” to serve as a jumping point for people to start their own creative dreams.


Everything to do with “Connections” is fully made possible by the incredible support shown by the We Talk of Dreams community. The album, artwork, and the podcast have been fully funded by your generous support, and this has been directly funneled back into the community with these projects.

To say thank you isn’t enough — you, the community, have allowed these projects to happen. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for that.

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