Nico Vettese
Founder of We Talk of Dreams
Composer. Producer.

I founded We Talk of Dreams with a single purpose: To bring people together.

In 2011 I became a university dropout. Burned out from a maths degree and isolated from friends and family. I got a job as a waiter and spent the next 4 years figuring out what I wanted to do.

I joined bands, record labels, pr companies, online music business schools. Each one didn’t work for me.

So I dived back into my childhood. I spent months engaging with what made me happy as a child. I watched my favourite movies. I played nostalgic video games, and replayed home videos. Then one day it hit me. I love music so much because it feeds me these emotions and memories that I had long forgotten about. It made me feel connected to those I had known and those i’ve yet to meet.

I picked up extra shifts at my day job, and saved and saved for a computer. I then recorded video games and movies without any sound – and attempted to make music over it.

The first attempts were terrible, but I kept at it – over a thousand tries later I got to a place to where I was proud of the music I make. Music that resonated with both myself and the media I was attaching it to.

May 2nd, 2015. I uploaded music to Soundcloud and hit forums that were looking for composers. Hours later I received responses from creatives who wanted to work with me. Later that year I quit my job and pursued being a composer full time.

I have remained happy and connected ever since.

I share this background about me because I feel it is important, especially now. I got to where I am through dreaming and believing I could – I had no music qualifications to my name, no connections to those established in the industry – I just had faith, music, and time.

People don’t dream enough. They don’t realise just how much they are capable of achieving. Once you start, you begin to find not only your happiness, but your meaning and your purpose in this world.

That’s why we talk of dreams.

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