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We are creating more than a soundtrack. We are creating a connection with your audience.

Established in 2015 and having worked with over 80 creators, I know how to create the perfect soundtrack for your project. I offer packages as opposed to singular tracks – making all the music for your project from start to finish gives a sense of continuity throughout. But more than that, it strengthens your core message and solidifies the world you’ve created.


Core Package

– Main Theme
– Stinger Track
– Incidental Track

Designed to give you the essential music that will be flexible enough to cover most scenarios.

*All prices are in USD but will be converted to your preferred currency via PayPal.


Complete Package

– Main Theme
– Outro Variation
– 2 Stinger Tracks
– 3 Incidental Tracks

Designed to cover all scenarios that your show entails.


Bespoke Package

– Create your own Bundle

Have a specific vision in mind that is not listed here? Please get in touch for a consultation and a proposal to fit your project’s needs and dimensions.

Your Tracks Explained

  • Main Theme – Usually used as an intro and outro, this will contain the main melody and ideas of your soundtrack. This will vary in length from project to project, but is usually within 20-60 seconds.
  • Stinger Track – A short track, usually 5-15 seconds long, this is a shortened variation of your main melody, used to play in between different sections. i.e. at the end of scenes.
  • Incidental Track – An umbrella term used for tracks where you want to highlight the importance of a moment in a scene. Length will vary depending on the needs, but typically it is around a minute for detailed music, stretching into 5 minutes where you need minimal background music. Consider this as a regular track in the soundtrack.
  • Outro Variation – A longer variation of your main theme used at the end. Generally speaking it will be double the length of your Main theme.

When it comes to creating soundtracks, I believe honest and open communication achieves the best results. Every step into creating the music will be discussed at length with you, with no hidden fees.

After the initial consultation, I will draft up a proposal that will cover everything from ownership of the music and what that entitles you to do, to the costs and timeframe that the music will be created in.

Tracks will be sent to you for feedback and further revisions, taking into account the track itself and how it fits into the whole soundtrack.

Let’s Create The Melody To Your World.

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