Come! Listen to the tale of the mighty Beowulf! Learn of his lineage, his quests, his bravery, and his kingship. The debut album of Satyr Productions, “Beowulf: Story and Discussion”, features a reading of Ernest J.B. Kirtlan’s 1913 translation of “The Story of Beowulf” alongside a beautiful musical score and paired with an educational discussion of the various acts.

I created an eclectic mix of Norse and pre-medieval English music for an audiobook adaption of ‘Beowulf’. The end result being a hurdy-gurdy led saga of a soundtrack. With thunderous percussion, dulcimers, and word-painting to simulate dragons. With this story being short (3 hours is short in comparison to the other books I have scored), I was left with enough time to produce a soundtrack that not only served as background ambience to immersify the narration, but also a living score in its own right.



Published by We Talk Of Dreams

Composer. Sound Designer. Youtuber.