Carrot Field (Audiobook)

Enter a world of courageous Animals, uncommon heroes and epic battles! The young Rabbit, Sebastian Perriwinkle, is swept off on a quest—along with the enigmatic Badger, Plotonicus and the mystical Fox, Brand Redtail—to find the legendary Human race! Together they unravel the mystery of an ancient war and confront the ultimate darkness—The Lord Ouroboros.


I handled the soundtrack for the audiobook adaption of the fantasy novel, ‘Carrot Field’.
With this being quite a lengthy story, we opted to do Segue music, as opposed to writing music as background ambience. The end result is producing a rich, orchestral score that plays at the end of every chapter and at important plot points throughout the story. Each main character was given their own motif, as well as producing motifs for vital themes. From this I expanded them to give an intricate soundtrack that interweaves all of these motifs.

Although the novel is set in a fantasy, the overall feel is that of a story created in the 1970’s/1980’s. As such, I wanted the soundtrack to feel like it could have been created with that mindset of the era.